Recipient object


Recipient object represents a message recipient.

Returned by:

Recipients.Item, Add, AddEx





Derived from: IDispatch


Address string, read-write. The address of the recipient
AddressEntry AddressEntry, read-only. Returns the address entry corresponding to the resolved recipient. If the recipient is not resolved (EntryID property is an empty string), this property returns NULL.
Application Returns Outlook.Application object
Class Always returns 4 (olRecipient).

Integer, read-only. Returns an constant that describes the nature of the recipient.
Corresponds to the PR_DISPLAY_TYPE Extended MAPI property.


EntryID String, read-only. Returns the hex representation of the recipient's entry id (PR_ENTRYID). Returns an empty string if the recipient is not resolved.
Returns or sets an Extended MAPI property from the recipient table.
PropTag - integer Extended MAPI property tag (e.g. 0x0037001E for PR_SUBJECT_A)
Note that RDO family of objects also supports accessing MAPI properties by a DASL property name.
You can use one of the MAPITags enumeration elements, e.g. MAPITags.PR_SUBJECT.

Scalar properties are returned as variants of the corresponding type (e.g. PT_STRING8 and PT_UNICODE properties are returned as strings, PT_LONG as integers, etc).

Index The index of the recipient.
Name string, read-write. The display name of the recipient
Parent Parent object, read-only.
Resolved Boolean, read-only. Returns true if the recipient is resolved (i.e. it entry id is present).

Boolean, read/write. Determines whether the message recipient will receive the message in the RTF (TNEF, winmail.dat) format. Sets/retrieves PR_SEND_RICH_INFO property for the receipient and the MAPI_ONE_OFF_NO_RICH_INFO flag in the one-off entry id.

When setting this property, make sure the recipient is resolved (call Resolve or add the recipient using Recipients.AddEx) to make sure the entry id is available, so that Redemption can set the MAPI_ONE_OFF_NO_RICH_INFO flag.

Sending in the TNEF format is used when a message has custom MAPI properties or a custom message class that need to be preserved when an SMTP recipient receives the message.


Session Returns Outlook.Namespace object.

Returns or sets an OlTrackingStatus constant indicating the tracking status for the recipient. Read/write.

OlTrackingStatus can be one of these OlTrackingStatus constants.
olTrackingDelivered (1)
olTrackingNone (0)
olTrackingNotDelivered (2)
olTrackingNotRead (3)
olTrackingRead (6)
olTrackingRecallFailure (4)
olTrackingRecallSuccess (5)
olTrackingReplied (7)


TrackingStatusTime Returns or sets a Date indicating the tracking status date and time for the recipient. Read/write
Type Integer, read-write. The recipient type - olTo (1), olCC (2), olBCC (3). Corresponds to the PR_RECIPIENT_TYPE Extended MAPI property.


FreeBusy(Start, MinPerChar, CompleteFormat)

Returns a string representing the availability of the individual user for a period of 30 days from the start date, beginning at midnight of the date specified.

Start- Required Date. Specifies the date.

MinPerChar - Required integer. Specifies the length of each time slot in minutes. Default is 30 minutes.

CompleteFormat - Optional Variant





Attempts to resolve a Recipient object against the Address Book. Returns True if the object was resolved, False if it was not.

ShowDialog - boolean, optional. If true, and the naame resolution fails, the method will display the standard name resolution dialog.




Removes the recipient from the parent message recipients collection.