AddressEntry object


AddressEntry object represents a MAPI address entry (IMailUser or IDistList Extended MAPI objects).





Derived from: IDispatch



String, read-write. E-mail address.

Corresponds to the PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS Extended MAPI property.


Application Returns Outlook.Application object
Class: Always returns 8 (olAddressEntry).

Integer, read-only. Corresponds to the PR_DISPLAY_TYPE Extended MAPI property.



Returns or sets an Extended MAPI property

PropTag -  integer Extended MAPI property tag (e.g. 0x0037001E for PR_SUBJECT_A)

Note that RDO family of objects also supports accessing MAPI properties by a DASL property name.


You can use one of the MAPITags enumeration elements, e.g. MAPITags.PR_SUBJECT.

Scalar properties are returned as variants of the corresponding type (e.g. PT_STRING8 and PT_UNICODE properties are returned as strings, PT_LONG as integers, etc).

For the object properties (PT_OBJECT, such as PR_CONTAINER_CONTENTS, PR_ACL_TABLE, etc) Redemption tries to open them as IMAPITable Extended MAPI object and, if successful, returns an instance of the Redemption.MAPITable object



String, read-only. Entry ID of the address entry.

Corresponds to the PR_ENTRYID Extended MAPI property.



AddressEntry, read-only. Returns the object representing the manager of the given mail user (Exchange only).

Corresponds to the PR_EMS_AB_MANAGER Extended MAPI property.



IUnknown, read-only.

Returns the Extended MAPI object used internally by the RDO object; e.g. IMessage for the RDOMailObject, IMailUser for RDOAddressEntry, etc.



Returns AddressEntries object representing the members of the distribution list. Returns NULL if the given RDOAddressEntry object is not a distribution list.



String, read-write. The name of the address entry

Corresponds to the PR_DISPLAY_NAME Extended MAPI property.


Parent Parent. Read-only.
Session Returns Outlook.Namespace object.

String, read-only. Returns the SMTP address of the given user. If the address type is "SMTP", the returned value is the same as that returned by the Address property. If the address type is "EX", Redemption tries to retrieve the PR_SMTP_ADDRESS property, if unsuccessful, it retrieves the default SMTP address from the PR_EMS_AB_PROXY_ADDRESSES Extended MAPI property.



String, read-only. The type of the address, e.g. "SMTP", "EX", etc.

Corresponds to the PR_ADDRTYPE Extended MAPI property.



GetFreeBusy(Start, MinPerChar, CompleteFormat)


Returns a string representing the availability of the individual user for a period of 30 days from the start date, beginning at midnight of the date specified.

Start- Required Date. Specifies the date.

MinPerChar - Required integer. Specifies the length of each time slot in minutes. Default is 30 minutes.

CompleteFormat - Optional Variant

As of version 5.2, this method uses the Exchange Web Services API to retrieve the free/busy data (Exchange 2007 or higher). If the autodiscover information cannot be retrieved for the given address, the method falls back to the old (Exchange 2003 and below) Public Folders based free/busy information. If the current user does not have the right to access the autodiscover or free/busy information on the Exchange server, the credentials for this method can specified by calling RDOSession.Credentials.Add method


Deletes the address entry

Displays a modal dialog box that provides detailed information about RDOAddressEntry object.

HWnd - integer, optional. The parent window handle for the Details dialog box. If the parameter is not specified or is zero, the method uses the foreground window as the dialog's parent.


Saves the address entry.