Recipients object


Recipients collection represents the recipients of a message..


Returned by:






Derived from: IDispatch


Application Returns Outlook.Application object
Class Always returns 18 (olAttachments).
Count integer, read-only. The number of recipients in the Recipients collection.
MAPITable MAPITable, read-only. Returns the MAPITable Redemption object which can be used to manipulate the collection (restrict, find, etc).
Parent Parent. Read-only.
RawTable IUnknown, read-only. Returns the IMAPITable Extended MAPI interface used internally by the Items collection.
Session Returns Outlook.Namespace object.


Add(Sourc e)

Adds a new recipient. Returns Recipient object.

Source - either a string (name or e-mail address) or Recipient or RDOAddressEntry object.


(Name, Address, AddressType, Type

Adds a new recipient. Returns Recipient object.

Unlike the Add() method, AddEx allows to add a recipient and resolve it in a single call; if all 4 parameters are specified, Redemption creates a recipient with a one-off entry id.

Name - string, recipient name

Address - string, recipient address

AddressType - string, address type (e.g. "SMTP")

Type - integer, recipient type (olTo, olCC, olBCC)



Retrieves an recipient with a given index (1 to Count).

Returns Recipient object

Index - integer.




Resolves all message recipients. Resolves TRUE if successful.




Removes an recipient with an index given by the Index parameter (integer, 1 through Count).