OutlookSpy - the Ultimate MAPI and  Outlook Object Model Developer Tool.

Did you know Extended MAPI and Outlook Object Model can be fun?


Outlook Redemption - The power of Extended MAPI in any language.

What the Outlook Object Model should have been! Complete Outlook Object Model and CDO 1.21 replacement library.
ProxyMan logo Proxy Manager - Proxy Manager lets you send emails from Outlook using any alias (proxy) SMTP address with an arbitrary display name from your Exchange account.  Outlook Voice Recorder logo
Outlook Voice Recorder Tired of typing emails on a tiny keyboard? Send a voice message instead!
Click on a button and record a voice message in the MP3 format.
You can also optionally convert your voice message to text.
Office Spy logo OfficeSpy - Office Spy is the ultimate Microsoft Office 365 / 2007 - 2021 developer tool; integrated directly into all Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Info Path, Visio, Project), it provides fast and convenient access to all Object Model interfaces, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor live events! SizeTrend Logo SizeTrend - Free Disk Space Finder Optimize your storage with SizeTrend: lightning-fast scans, searches, duplicate detection, and snapshot comparisons. Categorize and locate files by size, date, or type for smarter space management.

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