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SizeTrend - Free Disk Space Finder 1.2

for Windows 10 and 11


Finding big files is easy. Discovering lost space? SizeTrend unravels that puzzle.
Why SizeTrend? 

Optimize your storage with SizeTrend: lightning-fast scans, file searches, duplicate detection, and snapshot comparisons.
Categorize and locate files by size, date, or type for smarter space management.


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SizeTrend is a comprehensive storage management tool for Windows, offering a blend of speed and functionality. It's equipped with the ability to directly access the NTFS Master File Table (MFT) for fast scans of NTFS drives.

In addition to its scanning capabilities, SizeTrend boasts in-place file and folder compression feature, allowing you to easily compress or zip your data, helping to save space.

The snapshot comparisons tool in SizeTrend is particularly useful for tracking storage changes over time. It also has robust search capabilities, enabling users to find files by name, text, or hex patterns.

Handling duplicate files is a breeze with SizeTrend, as it can search for and identify duplicates by names, sizes, or contents. The utility also offers a sortable flat list view of files by various criteria, such as size and date, and categorizes files by extensions, making it easy to identify which file types are consuming the most space.

Why SizeTrend?





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TreeSize Prof 


Ultra-fast scans using NTFS Master File Table (MFT)







Scan as non-elevated user without admin rights 







Compare to a past scan snapshot 







Filter scans by date or file type 







Find files or folders by name 







Text file content search






Binary file content search    

Find duplicate files 




Zip or compress large files or folders with one click 







List files by size or date







Show space taken by file types.






1 File name filter only, no filtering by date 
2 Compress only, zipping is only available as a bulk operation
3 Typical time to save an SSD drive scan: 1 hour+ for 600 MB file for SQLite file / 10 seconds for 300 MB folders-only XML file vs SizeTrend's 5 seconds (90 MB full scan file)