RDOCategories object


RDOCategories collection represents categories from a given store or local machine (depending on the Outlook version and whether the collection is retrieved from the RDOSession or RDOStore2 object).


When accessed though RDOSession.Categories, RDOCategories collection first attempts to read the category list from the default store in the profiles (where Outlook 2007 stores it). If no categories are present in the default store, Redemption tries to read the categories list from the registry if Outlook 2003 or older is installed.


When accessed though RDOStore2.Categories, RDOCategories only reads the list from the store.


Returned by:

RDOSession.Categories, RDOStore2.Categories


The example below lists the master category list in the current profile.

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
set Categories = Session.Categories
for each Category in Categories
   Debug.Print Category.Name


The example below adds a new category to the mailbox of another Exchange user.

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
set Store = Session.GetSharedMailbox("dmitry")
set Categories = Store.Categories
set Category = Categories.Add("Redemption Category", olCategoryColorPeach)







Derived from: IDispatch


Add(Name, Color, ShortcutKey)

Creates a new RDOCategory object and appends it to the RDOCategories collection.

If a category with the given name already exists, the existing RDOCategory object is returned.


Name - string. The name of the new category.


Color - rdoCategoryColor enum, optional. The color for the new category. If no value is specified, the default value is OlCategoryColorNone:

olCategoryColorNone = 0xFFFFFFFF
olCategoryColorRed = 0x00000001
olCategoryColorOrange = 0x00000002
olCategoryColorPeach = 0x00000003
olCategoryColorYellow = 0x00000004
olCategoryColorGreen = 0x00000005
olCategoryColorTeal = 0x00000006
olCategoryColorOlive = 0x00000007
olCategoryColorBlue = 0x00000008
olCategoryColorPurple = 0x00000009
olCategoryColorMaroon = 0x0000000A
olCategoryColorLightSteel = 0x0000000B
olCategoryColorSteel = 0x0000000C
olCategoryColorLightGray = 0x0000000D
olCategoryColorGray = 0x0000000E
olCategoryColorBlack = 0x0000000F
olCategoryColorLightRed = 0x00000010
olCategoryColorLightOrange = 0x00000011
olCategoryColorLightPeach = 0x00000012
olCategoryColorLightYellow = 0x00000013
olCategoryColorLightGreen = 0x00000014
olCategoryColorLightTeal = 0x00000015
olCategoryColorLightOlive = 0x00000016
olCategoryColorLightBlue = 0x00000017
olCategoryColorLightPurple = 0x00000018
olCategoryColorLightMaroon = 0x00000019


ShortcutKey - rdoCategoryShortcutKey enum. The shortcut key for the new category. If no value is specified, the default value is OlCategoryShortcutKeyNone.

olCategoryShortcutKeyNone = 0x00000000
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF2 = 0x00000001
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF3 = 0x00000002
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF4 = 0x00000003
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF5 = 0x00000004
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF6 = 0x00000005
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF7 = 0x00000006
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF8 = 0x00000007
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF9 = 0x00000008
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF10 = 0x00000009
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF11 = 0x0000000A
olCategoryShortcutKeyCtrlF12 = 0x0000000B




Returns an RDOCategory object from the collection.

Index - either an integer index (1 through Count) or the name of the category (string).





Removes an RDOCategory object from the collection.

Index - either an integer index (1 through Count) or the name of the category (string).





Returns a Long value indicating the count of RDOCategory objects in the collection. Read-only.




Returns or set the default category (RDOCategory)




Returns or sets a datetime value that indicates when the RDOCategories collection was last saved.