rdoSaveAsType enumeration





Member Name Member Value
  olTXT    0x0000 (0)  
  olRTF    0x0001 (1)  
  olTemplate    0x0002 (2)  
  olMSG    0x0003 (3)  
  olDoc    0x0004 (4)  
  olHTML    0x0005 (5)  
  olVCard    0x0006 (6)  
  olVCal    0x0007 (7)  
  olICal    0x0008 (8)  
  olMSGUnicode    0x0009 (9)  
  olRFC822    0x0400 (1024)  MIME format
  olTNEF    0x0401 (1025)  TNEF format (used, for example, by the winmail.dat attachments)
  olRTFNoHeaders    0x0402 (1026)  RTF format without the message headers.
  olMHTML    0x000A (10)  MIME HTML format. Similar to the MIME format, but only with the embedded image attachments.
  _olMHTML    0x0403 (1027)  (hidden, use olMHTML instead)
  olMHTMLNoHeaders    0x0404 (1028)  MIME HTML format without the message headers
  olVToDo   0x405 (1029) vToDo task format
  olRFC822_Redemption   0x407 (1031) Forces Redemption to use its internal converter when converting to or from the MIME format.
  olRFC822_Outlook   0x406 (1030)  Forces Redemption to use its Outlook converter (IConverterSession) when converting to or from the MIME format.
olMHTMLWithAddresses   0x408 (1032) saves MHTML file with email addresses show in the message header
olHTMLEmbeddedImages   0x409 (1033) Saves he HTML file with images embedded inside the <img> tags (base64). Embedded image attachments, remote images, and images converted from OLE objects (for RTF message) are inserted in the generated HTML. Note that HTML messages in Outlook are rendered by Word, not Internet Explorer, and MS Word does not render base64 images embedded in the <img> tags.
olFTS 0x40A (1034) Exchange Fast Transfer (FTS) format used by Exchange Server and Exchange Web Services (EWS) ExportItems and UploadItems operations.

0x40B (1035)  The format is fully compatible with the olMsg and olMsgUnicode formats, but adds a few dozen properties that Windows Explorer and SharePoint can understand and display as separate columns in the Details view.

Redemption adds properties common to all items (such as Subject, Date Received, Sender Name, etc.) as well as properties specific to contacts, tasks, and appointments.

olRfc822_Tnef 0x40C (1036) Similar to olRFC822_Redemption, but creates a MIME formatted message with all MAPI-specific properties preserved in an infamous winmail.dat attachment