RDOTaskRequestItem object


RDOTaskRequestItem object represents a change to the recipient's Tasks list initiated by another party or as a result of a group tasking.


Everywhere RDOMail object is normally returned (RDOSession.GetMessageFromID, RDOFolder.Items, etc), RDOTaskRequestItem will be returned if the message class is "IPM.TaskRequest.*".





Derived from: RDOMail

RDOTaskRequestItem object inherits all the properties, methods and events exposed by the RDOMail object. In addition to the RDOMail properties, methods and events, it implements the following properties and methods:


Read/write, string. Global task id used by Outlook to correlate task requests / updates / responses with the existing task items in the Tasks folder.


rdoTaskRequestType, read-only. Returns the task request type. Can be one of the following values:

trRequest (0)   new task request
trAccept (1)   the previously sent task request or update was accepted
trDecline (2)   the previously sent task request or update was declined
trUpdate (3)   update to an already existing task





Returns an RDOTaskItem object from the default Tasks folder that represents the requested task.

AddToTaskList - boolean. If true, the task will be created if it does not yet exist in the default Tasks folder. If false, the task will be returned only if it already exists and NULL otherwise.