RDOSocialActivity object


RDOSocialActivity object represents an activity of a social network user.


Returned by



Social connector activities are template based. Multiple activities refer to the same template XML (exposed by the TemplateXml property). That template must be populated by the data coming from the activity itself (RawXml and the Variables collection).

Redemption can parse the data and return the activity using the AsText property. If you need to parse data into a different format (e.g. HTML), you will need to parse the XML yourself or use the Data and Variables properties.

See Outlook Social Connector Provider XML Schema on MSDN for details.


The example below .







Derived from IDispatch


applicationID integer, read-only
AsText string, read-only.
Data string, read-only.
Icon RDOPicture, read-only
IconUrl string, read-only.
objectID string, read-only.
ownerID string, read-only.
publishDate DateTime, read-only.
RawXml string, read-only.
TemplateId integer, read-only
TemplateRawXml string, read-only.
Title string, read-only.
Type rdoSocialActivityType, read-only.
satStatusUpdate = 0
satPhoto = 1
satDocument = 2
satOther = 3
Variables RDOSocialActivityVariables, read-only.