RDOFolderField object


RDOFolderField represents a user defined field in a given folder. See RDOFolderFields collection for more details and examples


Returned by:

RDOFolderFields.Item, RDOFolderFields.Add


The example below enumerates all available folder fields in a given folder.

set FolderFields = Folder.FolderFields
for each Field in FolderFields
  Debug.Print Field.Name





Derived from: IDispatch



Integer, read/write.

The meaning and the possible values of the DisplayFormat property depend on the value of the Type property. This property is essentially a zero based index of the entry selected from the "Format" combobox in the "Field Chooser" dialog in Outlook.


See RDOFolderFields.Add method for the list of the values 

Formula String, read/write.
The value of the formula (valid for the Type = olFormula  or olCombination.


GUID String, read/write. Specifies the GUID of the named property. For most properties GUID is "{00020329-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", aka PS_PUBLIC_STRINGS.


Name String, read/write. The name of the custom property.



Read/write, one of the rdoUserPropertyType enums. If not specified, defaults to olText.


olText (0x1)
olNumber (0x3)
olDateTime (0x5)
olYesNo (0x6)
olDuration (0x7)
olKeywords (0xB)
olPercent (0xC)
olCurrency (0xE)
olFormula (0x12)
olCombination (0x13)

olInteger (0x14)




Delete Removes the custom property from the collection.