Outlook and MAPI Developer Resources:

Stackoverflow - MAPI questions and Outlook Object Model questions.

Outlook for Developers forum - forum is for Developer discussions and questions involving Microsoft Outlook.

Slipstick - lots of developer tips and tricks; huge list of third-party Outlook solutions.

MSDN @ Microsoft - the very first place to look if you have any Outlook or Extended MAPI questions.

MAPI Developers Forum - Extended MAPI developers mailing list. Great place to ask your Extended MAPI questions (~500 subscribers).

Extended MAPI headers for Borland Delphi - (updated October 1, 2011) original Extended MAPI are supplied in C/C++ only. Alexander Staubo translated most of these header files to Delphi, I added missing pieces (mostly in Exchange Server support area). Not all the headers are translated, but they should cover 99.9% of the typical Extended MAPI projects.

TNEF stream reader Delphi class. A class to read and extract all properties from a TNEF stream (the infamous winmail.dat)