RDOOutOfOfficeAssistant object


RDOOutOfOfficeAssistant represents a special Exchange rule, which ,when turned on, replies to each incoming message with a predefined message.

Note that RDO (unlike CDO 1.21) exposes OOF on the store level, not session. This means that you can manipulate OOF properties of a store other than the default one.


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The example below sets the default store as being OOF.

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
Session.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT
set Store = Session.Stores.DefaultStore
if (Store.StoreKind = skPrimaryExchangeMailbox) or (Store.StoreKind = skDelegateExchangeMailbox) Then
  set OOFAssistant = Store.OutOfOfficeAssistant
  OOFAssistant.OutOfOffice = true
  OOFAssistant.OutOfOfficeText = "Sorry, I am out of office at the moment!"
  MsgBox "Out Of Office Assistant is only available for the Exchange mailboxes"
End If

Derived from: IDispatch


OutOfOfficeText String, read/write. Returns or sets the text used in the OOF reply message.  
OutOfOffice Boolean, read/write. Returns or sets the OOF state.  
OutOfOfficeMessage Returns RDOMail object used as template for the OOF message. E.g. OutOfOfficeText property is stored as a body of this message.